Portable Air Conditioners – Water Vs. Air Cooled

When looking at portable air conditioners, both water cooled and air cooled air conditioners are very effective at providing temporary cooling and humidity level reduction.

Air cooled air conditioners are more popular and more often used.  They’re easy to set up, highly portable and enable you to direct cold air wherever you need it most.  The difference between water cooled vs. air cooled units is in how the heat generated from the compressor is removed from the area to be cooled.

Air cooled portable air conditioners utilize an integrated fan to cool the compressor as well as direct the exhaust air flow through ducting, to an area that is not being cooled; such as the exterior, a ceiling, a crawl space or some other area that doesn’t require cooling.  Various ducting methods can be employed, including ducting directed through an exterior window, ceiling tile kits or other means.  Condensation removed from the air being cooled is then routed to a condensation bucket (which requires regular emptying) or more commonly, a condensate pump is utilized to constantly direct collected condensate water to a drainage source.

Water cooled portable air conditioners use water to remove heat from the compressor.  In these applications, having access to water supply and water drainage is required. Some municipalities have building usage code that may prohibit the discharge of return water, therefore the use of water cooled units may not be advisable and/or permissible if such code restrictions apply.  Water cooled portable air conditioners have the ability to operate in hotter ambient temperatures making them very effective in situations such as industrial applications.  Water cooled air conditioners  use less electricity per ton of cooling than certain air cooled units, so they may be a good option when the power supply is limited.  In certain applications it may not be appropriate or conducive to have water supply and return lines in the areas where cooling is required.

Neat Heat and Cooling can review your specific temporary cooling needs and suggest the best option.

We have a full line of portable air conditioners, reflecting various sized Water Cooled Portable Air Conditionerwater cooled air conditioners and air cooled air conditioners.

Planning and Emergency Preparedness!

Cooling Equipment Rentals – Planning and Emergency Preparedness

Neat Heat and Cooling has a variety of emergency cooling equipment ready to deploy in case of an emergency or an unexpected breakdown in your area. Are you planning to have maintenance, renovations and/or replacement of an existing cooling system requiring it to be shut down temporarily and you wish to not disturb the building and the day to day workings? Having Spot Coolers and Temporary Cooling equipment to ensure you are still operational is key. We can provide the cooling equipment rentals your building needs to protect the facilities’ environment and prevent loss of business due to the rising temperature disturbing your place of business.

Planning in the event of abnormal climatic temperatures is what you should be thinking about. Most Air Conditioning units break down during temperature spikes because it puts more of a load on your current Cooling System. However, planning and having portable air conditioning units or Temporary Cooling equipment can help relieve the load from your system. Having backup units on hand will help deal with unknown problems. Contracting these machines for deployment will give you the relief you want knowing that if all else fails the cooling relief is just one phone call away.

Neat Heat and Cooling also provides Emergency Rental Industrial Generators and ventilation systems to complete your cooling relief in case of an emergency.Spot cooler in use at a store - Cooling equipment rentals

Neat Heat & Cooling The Climate Control Specialists have assisted a number of companies who have experienced a loss of their permanent air conditioner system and needed temporary air conditioning service. We can handle any emergency cooling situation as this is our specialty.

A sampling of emergencies we can help with: Unexpected severe weather conditions, broken central air conditioners, electricity outages and more…..