Portable Dehumidifiers

Do you need to dry out spaces with excessive moisture conditions? Then portable dehumidifiers are key!

Neat Heat and Cooling has powerful industrial strength portable dehumidifiers that can assist in drying out spaces, protecting equipment from excessive moisture conditions as a result of floods, storms and unexpected situations. Deploying temporary dehumidifiers supplied by Neat Heat and Cooling can minimize moisture damage, effective mold remediation, and elimination of odors and contaminants; reducing overall  interruption time.

Portable dehumidifiers for rent from Neat Heat & CoolingInstallation and set-up is quite simple; roll the portable units into place, set up the condensate hose to a drain, plug the unit in and turn it on. A humidistat starts the portable dehumidifier upon a build-up of humidity in the room and stops when the set point is reached.

Our portable fans can also be used to optimize the dehumidification process.


Rent Temporary Dehumidifiers to assist in your job site moisture control.

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Temporary Portable Cooling for Events

Temporary Portable Cooling for Events From Neat Heat and CoolingAre you hosting an important event? Perhaps it is a wedding, corporate event, music festival or another special occasion. Whether it is an indoor event or an outdoor event, having the right climate control can have a huge impact on event satisfaction. Let Neat Heat provide the temporary and portable cooling for your next event because keeping your guests comfortable and satisfied should be a priority. If you are hosting an event during the summer months, you want to make sure you have the right cooling system in place at your venue. If your venue has no cooling in place or perhaps their in-house system is not strong enough, we can help.

Neat Heat and Cooling can provide portable cooling units for any venue. We can service a wide array of events and can support TV productions, movie productions and much more.

Our temporary portable air conditioning units come in 1-12 Ton units. They are high efficiency portable air conditioners and we have 110v and 220v units available. Our temporary spot air conditioners can be aggregated for any sized space and can be rolled or carried to any area.

We can also provide fans to your event, with various portable fans that can be rented at a moment’s notice.

Let Neat Heat and Cooling assist you in making your event one to remember and a pleasant experience for your guests.

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