Various Types of Temporary Heating Equipment For Rent!

Temporary Heating Equipment

Temporary heating equipment plays an important role in working effectively during cold weather.  They allow temperature-critical work to continue and provide a more comfortable working environment.  Improper selection and use however, can lead to worker injury or property damage.

Temporary heating equipment falls into three main categories: Electric, Direct-Fired, and Indirect-Fired.

Electric heaters are becoming the most popular with simple operation.   An Electric heater is the most popular form of temporary heating equipment Electricity passes through a resistant coil producing heat.  A fan draws room air across the coil transferring heat to the air, which is then forced back into the room.  Advantages of electric heat are that they provide clean heat with no emissions, simple to maintain, and do not require fueling to be stored onsite.

Direct-fired heaters typically referred to as “salamanders” or “torpedo A direct fired heaterheaters” operate by pulling air from the room being heated directly across an open flame, forcing its way back into the room.  These units are typically fueled by propane, natural gas, diesel, or kerosene.  Adequate ventilation must be provided while units are in use.

Indirect-fired heaters are becoming a growing trend in the temporary An indirect fired heaterheating equipment business.  Fuel is burned in an enclosed combustion chamber drawing combustion air from outside the building.  The flame heats a heat exchanger which indirectly warms outside air this is fan-driven into the building via air ducts.  Both the burner and fuel source are located outside the building which reduces the risk or fire or carbon monoxide buildup.

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Plan Early for Temporary Winter Heating This Year !

Don’t get left out in the cold. Start planning now with the support of Neat Heat & Cooling for your temporary winter heating needs.

As cooler temperatures start to approach, you may find yourself without the necessary heating in place. Have you considered the effects of not having appropriate heating in place and what it could mean to your business?Temporary winter heating units available from Neat Heat & Cooling

Keeping a job site heated in cold temperatures is not only necessary for employees comfort and productivity but could also affect the structure and safety of your space.

Neat Heat and Cooling’s Temporary heating solutions have a wide range of use for all different types of business and organizations.

Whether you need a short-term or long-term heat solution Neat Heat and Cooling can provide the relief you need. We also have temporary heat that is versatile enough for extremely large jobs.

As the winter months approach us, factoring in whether or not you require temporary heat should be a consideration. Neat Heat and Cooling can support you in your planning process.

Once the considerations have been looked at and reviewed, designing the right application is the next step. Some of the more common temporary heating equipment utilized are: Electric heating, Natural gas heating and Propane heating. Other temporary heating systems that can be utilized are: Indirect fired fuel oil heaters, Hydronic heaters, Steam and/or hot water heaters, Direct fired propane and natural gas heaters and Direct fired kerosene heaters.

We can deliver same day temporary heating solutions to your location!

For portable and temporary winter heating that is ready to work at a moment’s notice is what Neat Heat & Cooling are the experts at.