Temporary Emergency Air Conditioning for Server Rooms!

Our portable air conditioning units are ready to go! We are servicing a customer who experienced a shutdown of their permanent HVAC system and requires temporary cooling equipment for their server room.  Our temporary emergency air conditioning for server rooms is extremely important for companies to maintain the proper temperatures in these areas, or else risk a catastrophic failure of crucial business systems. Maintaining a stable temperature and humidity in these spaces is critical to IT system reliability.

It is difficult to foresee a shutdown or any type of obstacle that can impact your business. Emergency preparedness is key and we can support and supply temporary HVAC equipment right away.

We take pride in our fast turnaround time and why Emergency Service is our specialty.Portbale Air Conditioners - Temporary Emergency Air Conditioning for Server Rooms

If you need emergency or temporary air conditioning for your data or server room call Neat Heat & Cooling.

Neat Heat and Cooling has the appropriate line of portable air conditioners that are ideal for these types of spaces. Our units are compact and cost-effective.

Are you interested in Planning for the upcoming cold-weather season with Neat Heat & Coolings temporary heating equipment!


Frequently Asked Questions About Portable Air Conditioners!

Portable Air Conditioners Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a portable air conditioner?

A portable air conditioner is a self-contained portable unit that cools the air in a single room or in a moderately sized space. Unlike traditional window ACs, portable air conditioners do not sit in the window. They typically sit on the floor within the space you are trying to cool.

How do I set up a portable air conditioning unit?

Requirements vary based on the model. All portable AC’s exhaust hot air as part of the cooling process. This hot air is usually directed out of the cooled space using a flexible hot air discharge duct, also known as an exhaust duct. This duct is often vented out of a window, into a drop ceiling, or through a wall to an adjacent space. Depending on the model you choose, window venting kits and drop ceiling tile kits are available as are other portable air conditioner accessories.

Why would I need a portable air conditioning unit?

Portable air conditioners are great cooling solutions that can act as a primary source of cooling for a given space or as a supplemental boost of cool air to assist an existing HVAC system. These portable air conditioners are great for use in offices, warehouses, schools, hospitals, server rooms, movie sets, retail stores and many other applications.

Will I need to empty water? Will water collect in the portable air conditioner?

When air is cooled, moisture is removed from the air. Therefore, all portable air conditioners remove water from the air while they are cooling.

Our portable air conditioners have 5 gallon condensate buckets that need to be emptied whenever the bucket is full. The unit will automatically shut off when the condensate bucket is full. The higher the humidity level the more often you will have to empty the bucket. You can also use a condensate pump which drains the condensate water continuously through a gravity drain hose. The drained water is pumped through the condensate hose. It can be drained out a window, into a bucket or into a drain. By utilizing a condensate pump you eliminate the need for a person to empty a condensate bucket.