Construction Job Sites and The Importance of Temporary Climate Control Equipment!

Construction jobs should always keep in mind a climate control strategy. Maintaining ideal conditions is not an easy task which is why having a temporary HVAC plan in place will create the right environment for the job at hand and for its workers.
A temporary HVAC strategy allows employees to continue working and ensures the durability of building materials. Whether you are doing concrete curing, ground thawing, taping and painting, tile work, wood floors and mill-work or to simply keep from freezing (tempering), it is crucial to have the right climate control equipment.
Construction site heating is important because having the right project plan and considering temporary HVAC services can save you money, keep workers safe and prevent delays on the jobsite.

There are various factors that can play a role and ultimately impact the need for temporary HVAC.

Some of the reasons are: permanent systems in the building are not ready or are partially ready or perhaps they do not want to utilize the permanent system.  At times they do not want to utilize existing systems due to warranty perception or other issues. With high end construction or specification work, having the appropriate temperature is crucial and therefore having the right temporary HVAC is key. There are cases when there may be no permanent climate control services available as well. In addition, at times an existing system requires supplementation so adding temporary portable climate control equipment is advantageous.

Neat Heat and Cooling is here to step in and provide consultation to develop customized temporary heating and cooling solutions to suit your temporary climate control needs.

If your project does not allow you to be delayed, reach out to Neat Heat and Cooling and allow our experts to access the space and provide the temporary heating and cooling solutions needed.


Portable Air Conditioning For The Healthcare Industry!

Portable Air Conditioning

Neat Heat and Cooling has assisted the healthcare care industry with temporary HVAC services and portable air conditioning units numerous times.

As the summer temperatures increase, maintaining patient comfort is extremely important in hospitals and healthcare facilities.  Proper climate control in patient rooms, operating rooms and labs needs to always be maintained.

If the permanent HVAC system is down or there is a malfunction, having a contingency plan is imperative.  Neat Heat and Cooling is the right partner in providing temporary climate control with portable air conditioning services.

Temporary portable air conditioners save hospitals considerable investment in case of an emergency. Installing a central cooling system is almost impossible in case of an emergency. Rental air conditioners provide a quick solution. Portable air conditioning units being installed in a healthcare facility.

We can provide temporary air conditioning 24/7.

Our air conditioner rentals units can be utilized anywhere cooling is needed on an immediate or ongoing basis and our portable air conditioners come in a wide range of sizes that can be aggregated to cool any size space.

Neat Heat and Cooling’s portable air conditioners and spot coolers are ideal for supplemental, emergency and temporary cooling for the healthcare industry.

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