Additional Equipment is Here – Multi-task on-site Fuel Storage Tanks!

Additional Equipment is here!!

Neat Heat and Cooling will provide you with a convenient way to store fuel above ground wherever it is needed. Our Fuel Storage Tanks allow for a multi-task on-site fuel deployment solution for the direct supply to stationary diesel engines or the refueling of equipment on demand.

You can keep fuel strategically located onsite to refuel construction machinery or heating equipment without having to wait for fuel deliveries and reduce downtime.

Neat Heat and Cooling’s Fuel Storage Tanks can connect to one of Neat On-Site Fuel Storage Tanks From Neat Heat Cooling Heat’s heating units and dispense fuel by a pump at the same time.

Our Fuel Storage Tanks are double-walled, above-ground fuel tanks built for equipment refueling and backup fuel supply. Neat Heat and Cooling’s Fuel Storage Tanks feature a lockable equipment cabinet, secure hose access to enable fueling while the cabinet is locked and is easily stackable.

Learn more here regarding this equipment.

With capacities ranging from 250 to 1,000 US gallons, Neat Heat and Cooling’s Fuel Storage Tanks are designed for stationary use and comply with UL 142, ULC-S601-07, and NFPA 30A regulations. Our tanks are an easy and convenient solution for much-needed fuel supply, fleet refueling, and more.

*Full load lifting eyes, forklift pockets and internal baffles designed to allow handling of the tank full of fuel.

The double-walled unit has built-in weatherproof secondary containment which eliminates the need for pans or basins. The removable inner tank makes routine cleaning, maintenance, and inspection easy. The lockable equipment cabinet contains spills and secures equipment. Secure hose access enables fueling while the cabinet is locked.

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Getting Ready for The Winter Season – Additional Inventory is Here!

Indirect Fired Towable Heaters

As the cold is soon approaching, we have added to our inventory for the winter season.  We just received additional 780,000 BTU Indirect Fired Towable Heaters!!

Indirect combustion ensures only clean, breathable air is entering the work area. These heater units provide fast set up and easy operation.

Optional flexible high heat ducting can provide a wide variety of heat distribution options.

Learn more about Indirect fired heaters that are great for many temporary heating applications. They can be used in occupied spaces including commercial, residential, high-rises, hospitals, post offices, government buildings, retail stores, office buildings and more.

Indirect Fired Towable Heaters being delivered by Neat Heat to building sites in and around New YorkTemporary Indirect Fired Heaters

Fresh Air Heater Rentals

  • Fresh air heating
  • Can be used with the most stringent OSHA regulation
  • Heat can be ducted for distribution
  • No fumes
  • Great for drying
  • Towable units with built in generator and tank available
  • Can be connected to auxiliary tank for continuous run time

Can be used with:

  • Fuel storage
  • Drums
  • Permits
  • Generators

These units are used for specific applications and we can assist you in choosing the best option for your temporary heating needs!

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