Temporary HEPA Vacuum Rental!


Temporary industrial HEPA vacuums are equipped with an individually tested and certified HEPA Filter which provides a minimum efficiency of 99.97% at .3 microns. They can be used for safe and efficient dry-only pick-up of hazardous materials including asbestos, lead, mold and crystalline silica.

HEPA filters are extremely effective at taking micro-particles out of the air. It is these micro-particles that cause pollution. HEPA vacuums are able to trap even the smallest pollutants because the air is forced through the fine mesh and any particles will cling to the fibers within the filter.

The problem with ‘regular’ vacuum cleaners is the fact that they spread dust and allergens around in the air rather than removing them, which essentially makes the problem worse.

Benefits of a HEPA Vacuum – High Indoor Air Quality

If you are looking for a significant improvement in the quality of the air indoors, the filter will prevent contaminants and impurities being released directly back into the air flow.

Perfect for facilities where air quality has to meet stringent standards.

Used For:

-Mold remediation

-Lead removal

-Silica dust

-Final construction clean-up

Compact. Portable. Powerful.

The industrial HEPA vacuums capture dust generated by power tools and are ideal for work involving dust from concrete, drywall  and wood. A great fit for general contractors, mill work, drywall, wood flooring, concrete flooring & surface prep professionals. HEPA Vacuums are ideal for job site clean-up.

HEPA Vacuums are also a good choice for facility maintenance and janitorial crews.

HEPA Vacuums are beneficial if you are especially sensitive to dust and allergens. This high-quality filtration system is critical for the management of allergy symptoms.

Use as stand alone or with one of our temporary air scrubbers!

A HEPA vacuum will remove more dust mites, dust and other allergens from the air than a non-HEPA vacuum!

Additional Equipment is Here – Multi-task on-site Fuel Storage Tanks!

Additional Equipment is here!!

Neat Heat and Cooling will provide you with a convenient way to store fuel above ground wherever it is needed. Our Fuel Storage Tanks allow for a multi-task on-site fuel deployment solution for the direct supply to stationary diesel engines or the refueling of equipment on demand.

You can keep fuel strategically located onsite to refuel construction machinery or heating equipment without having to wait for fuel deliveries and reduce downtime.

Neat Heat and Cooling’s Fuel Storage Tanks can connect to one of Neat On-Site Fuel Storage Tanks From Neat Heat Cooling Heat’s heating units and dispense fuel by a pump at the same time.

Our Fuel Storage Tanks are double-walled, above-ground fuel tanks built for equipment refueling and backup fuel supply. Neat Heat and Cooling’s Fuel Storage Tanks feature a lockable equipment cabinet, secure hose access to enable fueling while the cabinet is locked and is easily stackable.

Learn more here regarding this equipment.

With capacities ranging from 250 to 1,000 US gallons, Neat Heat and Cooling’s Fuel Storage Tanks are designed for stationary use and comply with UL 142, ULC-S601-07, and NFPA 30A regulations. Our tanks are an easy and convenient solution for much-needed fuel supply, fleet refueling, and more.

*Full load lifting eyes, forklift pockets and internal baffles designed to allow handling of the tank full of fuel.

The double-walled unit has built-in weatherproof secondary containment which eliminates the need for pans or basins. The removable inner tank makes routine cleaning, maintenance, and inspection easy. The lockable equipment cabinet contains spills and secures equipment. Secure hose access enables fueling while the cabinet is locked.

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