Negative Air Machine Rental and Sizing Your Requirements!

Negative Air Machine Rental equipment from Neat Heat & CoolingAre you doing renovation work and your objective is to minimize dust particles? Are you dealing  with noxious odors from a fire or perhaps paint fumes? We can recommend negative air machine equipment and air filtration systems that are  tailored for such environments. When reviewing your needs, we will go through  certain questions that are designed to provide a clearer understanding of your environment and your site conditions.

In reviewing your requirements, we will take into account how many air changes per hour are desired /most suitable for your site conditions.  We will also help you determine the square footage (length x width x ceiling height) of the space you’re seeking to improve the air quality in, and also take into account airflow losses such as duct or window leakage.

Neat Heat and Cooling’s team of highly trained sales professionals can assist you in properly sizing your air filtration requirements.  When used with the appropriate filters,  air scrubbers can work wonders.

We stock HEPA equipment of various sizes, ranging from the ultra – portable 500 CFM HEPA unit to the 1,000 CFM and 2,000 CFM size. Hepa filtration rentals are becoming increasingly popular for restoration projects including water damage & mold remediation.

If you are concerned that the air within your space is contaminated and your objective is to bring in fresh air, we may recommend certain ducting provisions along with the negative air equipment.

Emergency set up for  negative air machine equipment is available and can be done at the same time the equipment is delivered.

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Portable Air Conditioner, Fans, Dehumidification & HEPA Filtration System Rentals

Rent Portable Air Conditioner, Fans, Dehumidification & HEPA Filtration System From Neat Heat & Cooling

With the mercury rising, warmer temperatures are here. Do you need to rent a portable air conditioner or spot cooling units?  Do you need powerful fans to cool down large spaces and improve air flow? Or are you recovering from a flood or dealing with excessive moisture? Perhaps looking to improve the air quality in your space? Temperature, humidity and particulate levels rise each minute your climate control systems are not performing.  You can solve your climate control needs with just one call to Neat Heat & Cooling.  

We can quickly evaluate your climate control needs and provide solutions and pricing.  You can count on Neat Heat for dependable, efficient, easy to use portable cooling, dehumidification and air filtration equipment rentals.  We have many years of expertise in providing solutions across many different industries and applications.  We serve the tri – state NY Metro area. Our delivery service is prompt and efficient. We can deliver same day solutions to your location.

Portable Air Conditioning

  • Emergency air conditioning when your primary system is down
  • Server room cooling needs
  • Cooling areas where people congregate
  • Temporary AC units needed during construction/renovation
  • Supplemental air conditioners for after-hours and weekend cooling when systems provided by your building are down
  • Scheduled spot cooling during a planned AC outage
  • Party & event and location shoots cooling

Industrial, Pedestal & Misting Fans

  • Gatherings in large spaces such as halls, schools, churches, gymnasiums, lobbies
  • Creating better air low at tented events and receptions
  • Location and photo shoots

Industrial Strength Dehumidification

  • Recovering from floods, water main breaks, excessive moisture conditions
  • Reducing humidity levels in spaces with less than optimal air circulation

Air Filtration/HEPA Filtration Systems

  • Removing dust and debris particles from construction/renovation work
  • Improving air quality impacted by smoke, mold and other noxious odors and VOC’s

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We understand that there’s more to renting equipment than just the rental price, we make it our business to keep you and your business cool and comfortable.