Portable Dehumidifiers – Dehumidification for Moisture Control!


Neat Heat and Cooling has powerful industrial strength portable dehumidifiers that can assist in drying out spaces and protect equipment when excessive moisture conditions are present from floods, storms and unexpected situations.  Deploying temporary dehumidifiers supplied by Neat Heat and Cooling can mean less moisture damage, effective mold remediation, effective elimination of odors and contaminants and reduced interruption time.

Not only does a dehumidifier help with the immediate impacts of excessive moisture, but can also help deal with the long-term after effects by preventing any mold or mildew from forming. A dehumidifier is very useful if you live in an area that experiences a lot of rainfall and/or natural disasters with water!

Portable Dehumidifiers used in a building floodCondensation can be harmful to your space. If the extra moisture in your space is trapped, it can cause it to decay over time. This is because wood can absorb water which will either lead to mold and rotting or cause the wood to soften and lose strength. Another great benefit of having a dehumidifier is that it can help control the moisture and condensation to help maintain your structure.

A humid environment can become extremely uncomfortable. When a dehumidifier reduces the extra humidity, it can make the air in your space cooler and more comfortable.
Installation and set-up is quite simple; roll the portable units into place, set up the condensate hose to a drain, plug the unit in and turn it on.  A humidistat starts the dehumidifier upon a build-up of humidity in the room and stops when the set point is reached.
Our portable fans can also be used to optimize the dehumidification process.


Rent Portable Dehumidifiers to assist in your moisture control.