Ground Thawing Equipment Rental!

Ground Thawing Equipment

Winter and colder temperatures can make working conditions at construction sites extremely difficult. When the cold temperatures start freezing the ground, construction site managers have to find ways to warm it up to enable construction work to continue. Neat Heat and Cooling has a variety of ground thawing equipment available that can be used to generate heat and thaw the construction site as needed.

Rented or temporary ground heaters can be used for various reasons, such as thawing frozen ground, curing concrete and/or for keeping the construction workers themselves warm and comfortable. Many construction sites in and around the tri-state area call Neat Heat & Cooling for these reasons.

Our ground heaters and heating equipment rentals come in a variety of sizes, so deciding which ground heating equipment you require will depend greatly on the temperature of the ground and the size of the area that needs to be thawed.

Using patented Heat Zone® fluid distribution technology, our construction site rental heaters provide industry-leading and superior heating power for thawing, curing and heating. Our superior quality easily-accessed boiler and trailer units are designed and built to handle the toughest conditions. We can also supply concrete curing stations which include 5 zone fluid distribution system and includes 50” sections of hose for connection to the accessory port on the base unit. In addition, we can supply Remote Manifolds that extend the reach and capability of the base unit.

The winter months can be tough, but with the right application of temporary heating equipment in place, your construction jobs can continue to run smoothly and be completed on time and within budget.

Ground Thawing Equipment
Neat Heat & Cooling is your direct source for Hydronic Portable Heaters for Ground Thawing

Neat Heat and Cooling’s vast inventory of rental heating equipment is designed for every situation that may require temporary heating equipment in order to continue the working process, this includes ground thawing, concrete curing, fracking tanks, pipe valves and pump warming, de-icing, frost prevention and air heat.  Our versatile heating equipment rentals can help you the contractor stay on schedule by overcoming all winter construction challenges.