Air Filtration Products

Air filtration machines available for rent for your jobsiteAir scrubbers (also commonly referred to as negative air machines and HEPA Filtration Systems) are primarily used to remove suspended airborne particles and fumes from the environment at a particular site. Air filtration machines when used with the appropriate filters, an air scrubber can work wonders. Neat Heat’s portable air scrubbers require very little set up.  We stock units of various sizes, ranging from the ultra – portable 500 CFM, to the 1,000 CFM and 2,000 CFM size.

Utilizing three layers of HEPA filtration, Neat Heat and Cooling’s temporary negative air machines can remove dust particles, sawdust, and other suspended particulates from the air. Carbon permanganate filters can help remove noxious odors from water damage, mold remediation, smoke residue, paint, stains, as well as solvents and cleaners and other VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) from the air and help freshen up any space, including occupied areas such as working offices, lobbies or other occupied spaces.

Our temporary portable air scrubbers can be used in many phases of construction including concrete resurfacing, drywall work, painting or any job where it is necessary to remove excessive dust.

The HEPA filtration units we provide are perfect in assisting with aftermath of water damage from floods and other natural disasters. Disaster restoration and mold remediation projects can release significant quantities of particles, bacteria, mold and fungal spores and odors into the air, especially during and following the use of high speed air movers to dry wet floors, carpets and furnishings.  Indoor air pollutants such as these affect the health and comfort of those occupying the space.

Our three stage air filtration systems can capture and remove such particles and improve the air quality in your location.

Industrial Air Moving Equipment is great for any air purification purpose. They can be used in occupied/unoccupied spaces.

Replacement filters are also available and we can also furnish heavy duty extension cords. Ducts can be supplied as well and can be used with the air filtration/negative air to move dust and desired particles out of the space.

Call us at (516) 431-5550 for a consultation on your application and we can discuss what type of HEPA filtration unit rental would be best for your situation.

We ship all HEPA filter negative air machine equipment on a moment’s notice.

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Portable Dehumidifiers

Do you need to dry out spaces with excessive moisture conditions? Then portable dehumidifiers are key!

Neat Heat and Cooling has powerful industrial strength portable dehumidifiers that can assist in drying out spaces, protecting equipment from excessive moisture conditions as a result of floods, storms and unexpected situations. Deploying temporary dehumidifiers supplied by Neat Heat and Cooling can minimize moisture damage, effective mold remediation, and elimination of odors and contaminants; reducing overall  interruption time.

Portable dehumidifiers for rent from Neat Heat & CoolingInstallation and set-up is quite simple; roll the portable units into place, set up the condensate hose to a drain, plug the unit in and turn it on. A humidistat starts the portable dehumidifier upon a build-up of humidity in the room and stops when the set point is reached.

Our portable fans can also be used to optimize the dehumidification process.


Rent Temporary Dehumidifiers to assist in your job site moisture control.

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Temporary Heating for Construction Sites

Keeping a construction site warm during harsh winters can be a challenge. Temporary heating is important for the workers and in maintaining climate control for the structure. There are many heating options available and which option to go with would be based on some key factors. The tightness of the building is an important factor in determining where there are open areas that can impact heating efficiency. In addition, one should take into consideration infrastructure timing, LEED building, sound requirements and ease of approval of AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction).

Once the considerations have been looked at and reviewed, designing the right application is the next step. Some of the more common temporary heating equipment utilized are: Portable Electric heating, Natural gas heating and Propane heating. Other temporary heating systems that can be utilized are: Indirect fired fuel oil heaters, Hydronic heaters, Steam and/or hot water heaters, Direct fired propane and natural gas heaters and Direct fired kerosene heaters.

Temporary construction heaters provided by Neat Heat & Cooling.Neat Heat and Cooling has a wide range of portable heaters that can be applied to assist in many construction applications. We have specialized in supporting the construction industry and our temporary heating equipment rentals have serviced both short-term and long-term heating needs.

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