Portable Air Conditioning for Hospitals and the Healthcare Industry

portable air conditioning for industrial use - this one in a hospitalNeat Heat and Cooling has assisted the healthcare care industry with temporary, emergency and portable air conditioning units numerous times.

As summer temperatures increase, maintaining patient comfort is extremely important in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Proper temperature in patient rooms, operating rooms and labs needs to always be maintained.

If the permanent HVAC system is down or there is a malfunction, having a contingency plan is imperative. Neat Heat and Cooling is the right partner in providing temporary climate control with portable air conditioning services.

We can provide temporary air conditioning 24/7.

Our air conditioner rentals can be utilized anywhere cooling is needed on an immediate or ongoing basis and our portable air conditioners come in a wide range of sizes that can be aggregated to cool any size space.

Neat Heat and Cooling’s portable air conditioners and spot coolers are ideal for supplemental, emergency and temporary cooling for the healthcare industry.

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Emergency Air Conditioning for Restaurants

Emergency Air Conditioning Rentals

Installing Temporary and emergency air conditioning for restaurant. When there is a need for temporary and emergency air conditioning in restaurants, Neat Heat and Cooling’s portable air conditioners can be rented at a moment’s notice.

Restaurant temperatures can affect staff productivity and motivation and also have an impact on customer satisfaction.

During periods of extreme heat, supplemental temporary portable air conditioning equipment may be required.

Portable temporary air conditioners provide the temporary cooling solutions required.

A main point of concern in the restaurant environment is not just the temperature but the direction of the air flow. It is important to position the portable cooling systems in the right manner. A Neat Heat and Cooling representative will go over the restaurant layout in detail before specifying a cost effective solution.

Neat Heat and Cooling recognizes that our clients in the restaurant industry cannot afford to wait for appropriate HVAC. When their cooling equipment is nonoperational, this can have a negative effect on the restaurant’s success.

We have a complete line of portable temporary spot air conditioners for rent with quick and easy set up.

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