The Latest Addition to Our Inventory!

We have added 1 Ton Portable AC and Heat Pump units to our inventory!

You can now have Air Conditioning and Heat in One System!

At Neat Heat & Cooling we are constantly focused on our customer’s heating and cooling needs and requests, and we are proud of our current inventory of heating and cooling equipment and we are always looking to add new heating and cooling equipment equipment to better serve our customers. We have steadily expanded our business, staff, facilities and equipment fleet as we continue to grown.

We provide an extensive range of state of the art equipment and services to temporarily warm, cool or clean the air in any size space.
1 Ton Portable AC and Heat Pump
Our most recent equipment inventory addition (The 1 Ton Portable AC and Heat Pump unit) is designed with a portable heat pump that can be utilized in year round applications. Heat pumps have the ability to move heat energy from one environment to another, and in either direction. Portable heat pumps have the ability to be switched from cooling mode to heating mode, in cooling mode a heat pump works the same as an ordinary air conditioner, and in heating mode the unit absorbs the heat from the refrigeration cycle and converts it into warm air.
This particular unit shown here has a Cooling Capacity of 12,000 BTU/hour and Heating Capacity of 13,200 BTU/hour.

Neat Heat & Cooling has many years of experience and expertise in providing climate control solutions across many different industries and applications.

We provide ongoing service throughout the rental period and should you have any issues our trained technicians can support you at any time.

We also provide emergency delivery of heating and cooling equipment at a moment’s notice to the New York Tri-state area and beyond!

Author: Amanda Ferraioli

Heating & Cooling Specialist